How to Save Money on Makeup

As incredibly fun as makeup is to use, it is one luxury that can really take a toll on your wallet. Though makeup can be very expensive, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your products and save money while doing so.

Use every last drop of product.


Don’t be afraid to open up the bottle or tube and make use of every last drop — you might accidentally be throwing away product that can still be used.

A trick I like to do when dealing with lip glosses and liquid lipsticks is heating them up so they become runnier and easier to squeeze out. First, you need to fill a mug with hot water and leave the tube in the mug for a few minutes.




After, remove everything inside the tube and put it into a smaller container, such as a contact lens case

This allows for easier access instead of trying to dig it out of its riginal container.

This trick also works for mascaras. If you feel like your mascara is clumping up, leave it in a mug filled with hot water for a few minutes, then ta-da! Your mascara will be as good as new. You can also use saline solution for contacts to replenish your mascara. Add 10 drops of saline into your mascara then mix; this will stop it from clumping.


Use products with multiple purposes.

With so much miscellaneous merchandise such as makeup wipes, brush cleaners, makeup removers, makeup thinners, face mists, etc., it’s easy to accumulate clutter and waste money, especially when you’re only applying makeup on yourself. A good way to save money is to stock up on products with multiple purposes or use cheaper alternatives that give you the same effect.

Petroleum jelly, for instance, has so many uses. It is an effective lip gloss, foot moisturizer and makeup remover, all in one. Another product with a lot of uses is Johnson’s No More Tears baby shampoo. Because of its mildness, it is great for washing your makeup brushes and removing makeup after a long day. Made specifically with babies in mind, it is perfect for people with sensitive eyes.


Don’t forget about drugstore makeup.

You can never put a price on good looks, although there is a fine line between spending your money appropriately to just plain splurging. Don’t forget about your drugstore makeup options.

Dr. Neal Schultz, Founder of, and cosmetic dermatologist did a test on local drugstores and found that the ingredients in branded makeup products were almost identical to their drugstore counterparts. This can save you loads of pesos while still looking just as good!


Creativity can go a long way when saving money. I like to call this beauty magic, where you make the most of your beauty products with some Do-It-Yourself hacks.

If you have eye shadows that are broken, or ones you don’t particularly use anymore, you can mix them with clear nail polish to get your own customized nail color. You can even mix these pigments with petroleum jelly to create your own tinted lip gloss. Or if your favorite perfume is running out, mixing it into unscented lotion will make it last longer.

You can even customize your makeup by being versatile. To make your lipstick longer-wearing, one good trick would be to gently lay a piece of tissue over your lips right after applying your lipstick, then patting a small amount of translucent powder on top. This will make your lipstick last longer.

You can even mix your lipsticks to get the perfect shade or use them as blush, or use your mascara as brow filler or eyeliner.

Being creative can help you save a lot of money. Also, the best thing about makeup is that you can always experiment, and wash away your mistakes.


Author: Clara Pettersen

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