Queensland Coast

I remember that when I graduated from high school I wasn’t aware of how big the world was. I was so pre-occupied with my Manila life that it blinded me from what beauty there was to discover. After graduating high school, I went straight to make up school and started my career as a makeup artist. Soon after that, I packed my bags and went to Queensland Australia. Australia has so much to offer. From boogy boarding in beaches like Sunshine Coast, to eating fresh seafood right off the boat pretty much anywhere and so much more. Queensland is HUGE! There is so much to discover. Although below are pictures from my favourite places– Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Montville, Maleny, and Maloolaba.

Walking Holly.

Cotton Candy skies. In Australia, they call cotton candy Fairy floss! Which is honestly pretty cute.

My sister reading on a porch while the sun was setting.

There is so much to find in Montville. A little town with many boutiques and cafes that a lot of tourists come to explore.

Birds eye view of Sunshine Coast beach.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” -Walt Whitman

Maloolaba prawns– fresh prawns and oysters are honestly my favourite. Usually when I visit a fish market i can’t go inside cause I can’t stand the smell. But in Australia, the seafood is so fresh you can’t smell anything at all.

If you get a chance to visit Australia, try picking up a copy of Frankies and YEN magazine. These are Indie magazines that are based in Australia, and they are honesty filled with so much substance and art that it becomes addicting to read.


Author: Clara Pettersen

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