10 Makeup Brushes You Should Have

If you find yourself wanting to make the next purchase to level up your game, buying new brushes is a major step toward achieving that. Many people think that buying the most luxurious brushes are the only way to make your makeup more stunning, which is simply not true. You don’t need to spend a fortune; however, you do need to buy the proper tools. Here is a list of the top 10 brushes you should have in your makeup kit.

When buying brushes there are two types you can choose from: synthetic brushes and natural hair brushes. The major difference is that natural hair brushes cling onto the product much more than compared to synthetic brushes, which makes them perfect when working with powder. But when you are working with liquid textures like liquid foundations, it would be your best bet to opt for synthetic brushes so you can really get all that foundation onto your face.


Powder brushes are the really big fluffy brushes you see people often use. Basically, this brush is responsible for setting your face, so ideally you should look for one that is big enough to dust all that powder onto your face but also small enough to get to those nooks and crannies.

  There are two types of synthetic foundation brushes you can get; either flat foundation brushes or a dense stippling/kabuki brush used for buffing foundation onto the face. It all depends on your personal preference, but I personally love how you can get fuller coverage with the buffing brushes.

Just like its name implies, this brush is pretty much a brush in the shape of an angle. This brush is typically used for blushing or contouring. Because of its shape, it makes contouring a whole lot easier while leaving a flawless application.

This brush looks like a tiny blush brush, but its main purpose is to apply highlight powder to the top of your cheekbones and the high points of your face.


An eye shaper brush is a flat, stiff brush. Because of its stiffness, it is used for packing shadow onto your eyelid, or smudging color under your lower lashes and creating a sharper, more defined line on the creases.

If you are wondering how people create such a flawless smokey eye, they have this brush to thank. Because of its stiffness it really controls where you want the color to go, and creates perfecting blending on the crease.

Like a pencil, this brush is used for precision shading on the lid. This brush is also used to spread liner on the lash line as well as creating the smokey v on the outer corner to create that dramatic look.

Because of its soft bristles, this brush is perfect for blending harsh lines under the brow dome and also blending out concealer underneath the eyes.

If you are working with gel liners, you definitely want a liner brush in your arsenal. Using liner brushes, especially ones that are bent; will allow easier application of your cat eye, and you can be sure that your liner will definitely be on point.

These two separate brushes are perfect for creating the perfect brow. If you find one that has both brushes on each end, then even better. The brow brush is for filling in your eyebrows and the spoolie allows you to brush through your hairs and blend out the product evenly, making your eyebrows look more natural.

A lot of people think that buying more expensive makeup brushes means better makeup application– but that’s just plain wrong. There is no need to splurge all your money on expensive tools, though it is important to buy the *proper* tools. Never forget, it’s not the tools that make the magic; it’s you. So go have fun and experiment with all the things you can do.


Author: Clara Pettersen

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