One Day in Narita

Personally, Japan is my favourite place in the whole entire wold. I learned how to speak a bit of Japanese with all the anime I’ve watched in my life, so ultimately when given the chance to visit even just for one day, I will take it with full force.

 In early 2016 I had a stopover for one day in Narita, Japan. In Narita holds the biggest and most frequently visited airport. Honestly I thought to myself.. will one day do justice to my trip to Japan? And the answer is yes. If you find yourself like me, and have one day to explore a place– take it! Go out and explore! If by coincidence you have one day in Narita, then feel free to follow this guide on what to do.


My main goal: Eat Japanese Sushi. Thankfully I didn’t have to go far to do so. Sushiden Narita Airport Is an authentic sushi bar right in Terminal two of Narita Airport. Until this very day I still dream about that bright orange uni.


Walking along Omotesando to go to Naritasan Temple.


Naritasan Temple Main Hall


The temple is surrounded by a beautiful park called the Naritasan Park, Which really is a treat to walk through.


There is a whole bunch of pagodas that surround the Naritasan temple, and my personal favourite is “the Great Pagoda of Peace.” It is a Tahoto style pagoda and what makes it special is that it incorporates both Japanese and European Elements.

My favourites. ♥

Author: Clara Pettersen

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