5 Beauty Myths We Have to Bust

In a country where we have myths about practically everything, it becomes hard to distinguish what is true or not, especially if it’s about makeup. With all these tips and tutorials around, it is easy to fall victim to these makeup myths. Here are five beauty myths we are tired of hearing:


People usually think that the older they get the more they have to cover up, which in reality is not true. Truthfully, the more makeup you have on, the older you are going to look. Thick makeup application will seep into your wrinkles and emphasize them. Remember, less is more: limit your makeup application to light foundation, cream blush, and simple eye makeup to keep yourself looking radiant and youthful.


For shaving I use the Philips Epilator, It also has different attachments for pulling out hair and Exfoliation.

A lot of people opt not to shave, believing that it will make their hair thicker. But guess what? It doesn’t! While shaving does give your body or facial hair a blunt edge where it feels thicker and “stubby,” it does absolutely nothing to alter the thickness, growth, or color of the hair, so there’s no need to spend all that time (and pain) waxing.


Let me break this down for you: Makeup doesn’t cause breakouts —bad hygiene does. If you don’t wash the brushes and sponges you regularly use to apply makeup, you are definitely in danger of developing pimples. Likewise, if you don’t wash your face at night and sleep with makeup on, don’t be surprised if you break out with acne soon after.

Since bacteria spreads easily between cosmetics, I would not recommend sharing lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliner and mascaras. Wash your brushes at least once a week, and always ensure that you follow proper hygiene and skincare. That is the perfect foundation for flawless makeup application.


Many of us fear the words “chemical” or “synthetic,” automatically associating them with being unhealthy or harmful. While we tend to believe the common myth that natural ingredients are always the better alternative, in reality their synthetic counterparts may be just as beneficial for the skin.

In truth, everything around us is composed of chemicals, so just because it is a synthetic product doesn’t necessarily make it bad. Just remember to check ingredients, even with natural products. Some of the most common oils can cause irritation, especially ones that include clove, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon and tea tree oil.


This is one habit that all girls are guilty of, myself included. But guess what? Pumping your mascara actually breaks down the product faster. It forces air inside the tube, which not only dries out the mascara, but traps in bacteria as well.

The moist tube of your mascara is the perfect place for bacteria to live and reproduce, which can leave you susceptible to eye infections. So, instead of pumping your mascara, twist it out of the tube instead, and you might find that your mascara will last around two months longer than usual, too!

With these Myths now busted, it is a great way to start 2017! So go forth and make new amazing memories and feel beautiful while doing so. ♥



Author: Clara Pettersen

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