5 Steps to Make Your False Lashes Look Natural

While we all know that lashes can make your eyes pop, sometimes we can go overboard and make our lashes look completely fake. To prevent that, here are five important pointers on making them look as natural as possible.

1. Choose lashes that have invisible bands.

Choosing false lashes with no thick black strip on the base is the best (and safest) way to go. Most lashes have that thick back line that hold them in place, but can be very noticeable and disrupt that effortless, natural look. If you can’t find one with an invisible band, opt for one with the thinnest black base possible as this will not make your falsies obvious.


2. Wear single or trio lashes instead of strip lashes.

Honestly, long strip lashes can be very tedious to apply because you are dealing with a really long strip of hair. To reduce this dilemma, start by reducing the amount of lashes you have to work with. Trio lashes are three lashes with one base, while single lashes are applied individually. Though I personally prefer working with trio lashes because they’re the easiest to work with, opting for singles will give you a greater degree of control, and you can be more meticulous in applying each lash to where you want it to go, whether it be only the outer corner or the entire lash line.

Although, if you are feeling a bit extra and don’t mind the extra work go and try the single lashes. This can be quite tedious because you have to apply the lashes individually. But, the end result is absolutely stunning and natural looking.

3. Use dark lash glue instead of white or clear glue.

I know it sounds funny. Shouldn’t black glue be more noticeable then clear glue? But in reality, white or clear glue doesn’t actually end up looking as translucent as we would like. Upon drying, clear glue leaves behind a noticeable white or gray cast. Black glue, on the other hand, actually ends up closer to the actual color of your lashes or mascara.
However, always remember that less is more. The less glue you apply, the more subtle it will seem, and will make you look (and feel) like you are wearing eyeliner with zero hassle!

4. Apply false lashes on your real lash line and not on your eyelid.

It’s okay, everyone makes the mistake of applying lashes on the eyelids instead of the lash line. I was doing it for years until I realized that applying it on the bottom base of the lashes, as close to the lash line as possible, makes the false lashes blend in more with your real lash hair and seem considerably more natural.

5. Use mascara to blend your real and fake lashes together.

Despite everything, our natural lashes aren’t as dark as the color of false lashes. Using mascara after applying your false lashes will not only darken the natural color of your lashes, but will also bind the two lashes together so they stay put.


Some people have different application techniques when applying false lashes; some like to do it beforehand while others prefer to do so after. But drawing from personal experience, I find that doing it afterwards makes a huge difference in making the lashes look real yet more voluminous.

Working with lashes can always be a tiresome affair, but as long as you follow these steps and choose the best, most natural lashes you can find, you can really bring that extra oomph to your look without looking over-the-top.




Author: Clara Pettersen

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